Welcome to Spirit-Water

At present a bulk spring water supplier, Spirit-Water is located in Taylor County, Georgia. Certified by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as “artesian spring water”.

Our water comes straight from the source–Naturally Pure Artesian Springs’.

A proud veteran, made-in-America. Spirit-Water hopes to serve all your water needs.


About Our Water

Our water is tested annually by National Testing Laboratories. Spirit-Water has a TDS  of 9 at one and a 6 at the other. At the springs the Fahrenheit of 68 and a ph level of 6.8. We are happy to discuss all your water needs.

Years of annual testing show Spirit-Water to be the naturally purest artesian spring water in North or South America.

Our Facilities

Aside from our newly established office and equipment storage warehouse, our site is complete with semi-truck fill and launch pad. We also have the capabilities to fill via railcar on site–in development.

Additionally, our site is complete semi-truck filling and 250/300 gallon totes. In the near future we hope to be pouching water in 12 oz. one litter and one gallon.

Pouches of water available with “Your Company Name” and “Your Company Logo”. Contact us for more details.

Contact Us

Interested in buying bulk water or want to learn more about our water? Please contact us through the channels below.

Managing Partner Lawton Park

Email: lawtondpark@gmail.com

Phone: 678-572-5802

Additional Packaging Options

We also have pallet packaging available. Each tank when filled with 275 gallons of water will weigh out at 2,335 Lbs. They can be loaded onto pickup trucks or flatbed trucks for transportation (pictured right). The container empty weight is 135 Lbs.

Unit Details:

  • 100 % New HDPE Tank, Galvanized Steel Cage and Galvanized Steel Pallet
  • FDA approved UV Stabilized Plastic
  • UN/DOT Approved – specification 31HA1/Y
  • 6” Threaded Fill Port Lid with 2” Drain Ball Valve & 2” Male Quick Disconnect Camlock
  • 4 Way Forklift Entry
DIMENSIONS 45″ Length x 40″ Width x 46″ Height
LIQUID ACCESS 1 Outlet , 1 Manway / Lid


Optional Accessory Kit Details:

  • (1) 2” PP female coupler x 2” female thread
  • (1) 2” x 1” PP reducer bushing
  • (2) 1” PP hose barb
  • (2) worm gear clamps
  • (1) 10′ x 1″ reinforced clear PVC hose
  • (1) 1″ manual gravity flow nozzle with 15/16″ spout
  • (1) hanging clip

–>10′ Reinforced clear PVC hose

–>Swivel hose connection to prevent damage
–>UL approved
–>Nozzle hanging clip for ease of use